Barkley marathon 2018: ez du inork bukatu!


Gary Robinson ( CAN ) kanadiarra Barkley-2018an
helmugatik gertuen gelditu dena izan da ,
baina 5 itzulietatik 3 burutu ditu, eta biren faltan etxera bueltatu da.

Hau Barkley marathon da, eta azken 33 urtetan,
1050 parte hartzaileetatik 15ek bakarrik bukatu dute.

Jamil Coury, Maggie Guterl, Johnny Burton, Eoin Keith ( IRL ) eta Amelia Boon.

Urtero 40 parte hartzaile soilik onartzen dituen maratoi honetan,
Barkley marathon,
aurten, 2018an, ez du inork bukatu.

Gogoratu Barkley ultra race Tennesse ( USA ) estatuko
Frozen Head State Parken ospatzen dela ( Wartburg ),
eta baso itxi batean barrena 5 itzuli / loop eman behar direla.

Itzuli bakoitzak 20 mile edo 32 km ditu,
beraz guztira 100 mile edo 160 km dira.
Desnibela +: 18.000 mD+
Denbora epea: 60 ordu.
 Info: https://www.facebook.com/TheBarkleyMarathons/

1995 Mark Williams -01- 
2001 David Horton -02-
2001 Blake Wood -03-
2003 Ted Keizer -04- 
2004  Mike Tilden, -05-
2004 Jim Nelson -06- 
2008 Brian Robinson -07- 
2009 Andrew Thompson -08- 
2010 Jonathan Basham -09-
2011 Brett Maune -10- (1)
2012 Brett Maune
-10- (2)
2012 Jared Campbell -11- (1)
2012 John Fegyveresi -12- 
2013 Nick Hollon -13-
2013 Travis Wildeboer -14-  
2014 Jared Campbell -11- (2)
2016 Jared Campbell
-11- (3)
2017 John Kelly

Barkley Marathons set for this weekend

By Goose Lindsay
 Morgan county news
 Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 8:35 am 

The weekend of March 24 will be a busy one for Frozen Head State Park
as it will once again host the Barkley Marathons.

The Barkley Marathons is an ultra marathon trail race consisting of a three-lap,
60-mile “fun run” of a full course of five laps and approximately 100 miles.

Known as the world’s toughest trail race, the Barkley Marathons will be at Frozen Head State Park this weekend. Only 15 people have successfully completed the 100-mile race since its inception.

Gary " Lazarus " Cantrell

Gary “Lazarus” Cantrell is the race founder and he first came up with the idea for the race following James Earl Ray’s escape from Brushy Mountain State Prison in 1977.

“He was gone for about two-and-a-half days and made it only eight miles,” Cantrell said. “I said I could make it 100.

“I had been backpacking up there when it was Morgan Forest and knew there were some real rugged trails. In 1985 a friend and I made a boundary around the trails that was about 20 miles.”

The next year, 1986, was the first official race.

“We only had 13 people start the race that year,” Cantrell said. “Gary Buffington went with me and we were the only ones to make it a loop (20 miles).”

In the beginning the race consisted of only 60 miles. It wasn’t until 1989 that the 100-mile race was added after someone finally completed the fun run in 1988.

“We didn’t think it needed to be any bigger because we never thought anyone would finish three loops,” Cantrell said.

Once they made the race would be 100 miles it was thought that no one would ever finish in 60 hours, but Mark Williams made the trip from England and finished the all 100 miles in less than 60 hours in 1995.

Between 1995 and 2017, 15 different people have finished the race with Utah’s Jared Campbell accomplishing the feat three times while California’s Brett Maune has finished the 100 miles on two separate occasions. Maune holds the course record, as he completed the race in 52:03:08 in 2011.

Morgan County’s own John Kelly finished the race last year on his third attempt.

There are actually two Barkley Marathons held at Frozen Head each year. The 100-mile spring race is limited to 40 competitors due to the length of the race. A fall “fun run” will have more contestants.

“We cut it off at 40, but we have so many more than that wanting to do it,” Cantrell said. “We will have a wait list as well and there will be people that will wait till the last minute to see if everyone shows up.”

Of the 40 contestants, 20 are selected from North America with 20 more from different parts of the world. With early dropouts there are currently 22 from North America entered.

“People from all over the world clamor to be in this race,” Cantrell said. “Over the years there have been people from 25 countries run in it.”

While 40 of the best ultra marathon runners in the world will enter the race, Cantrell estimates that only 10-to-12 will complete two laps with maybe 5 or 6 completing the fun run. Cantrell estimates 0-2 will have a chance to complete the full 100 miles.

Even starting the race will be difficult for those competing.

“We will start the race between midnight and noon,” Cantrell said. “We don’t want the runners to have a plan ahead of time. We will blow a conch shell one hour before the start of the race and they will have to put together their plan then or on the fly when it starts.”

Competitors also have to prepare for changing weather conditions in East Tennessee.

“A lot can happen in two-and-a-half days,” Cantrell said. “We’ve had it 80 degrees at the start and snow at the finish before.”

While making the cut to compete in the race is tough, the entry fee is relatively simple.

“I generally ask for something I have to buy anyway and this prevents me from going to the store,” Cantrell said. “This year’s entry fee is Under Armour Undeniable Basketball Socks, preferably white. I plan to walk across America this summer. I have tried all kinds of socks and these are the best.”

Cantrell also asks any first-time competitors to bring a license plate from their home state or country to enter. He calls it the Barkley Trophy Case.

For Cantrell, he still enjoys hiking, but knows his days of making the Barkley loops are over, but still has fun with the event.

“All of it is fun for me,” he said. “I like being in the woods and I like Frozen Head. I also like seeing the runners dig down deep for something extra they didn’t know they have.”

While Cantrell loves that his race has garnered world-wide attention, he asks that the public does not gather at Frozen Head State Park the weekend of the race to watch.

“It’s not a spectator event,” he said. “When the racers come in from a loop they don’t want to be disturbed.”

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